Product description

A touch of design to your own bathroom with an unconventional towel warmer. The central shape of the central radius of the radiant plate is made possible thanks to the passage of the water only to the lateral ends, becoming the perfect object for the bathroom environment. Available in infinite finishes and in the closed and open version with Ridea door opener patent. The valves can be so, sighted or hidden for those who want absolute cleanliness and design. Easily installable and adaptable to existing attacks ..

Product family


The Extrò collection comes alive representing the widest aluminum extruded radiator in the world produced only in one unique piece. A single heating surface that evenly distributes heting thanks to the special rounded shape. Valves can be hidden thanks to the particular patented "door opening" and, on request, existing connections can be easily resumed without additional working. This collection is available in 3 different versions: hydronic, hybrid and electric.