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E.ion™ System | Bellaria White
E.ion™ System
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Thanks to the active ionization system, Bellaria successfully purifies the air by eliminating odours and pollutants from the air of your domestic environments: bacteria, viruses, moulds, dust mites and micro-organisms. It restores the ideal ion balance that is typical of pristine, pollution-free natural environments thus improving the physical and psychological well-being of people living in that domestic environment. All this is possible in absolute quietness and in any type of environment. The sensor analyses the air quality and shows it in a leaf-display that changes colour from green (pure air) to yellow (air to be purified). Tests carried out by the University of Padova, Department of Molecular Medicine, have certified a drastic reduction of the bacterial charge in the environment and a concrete reduction of mycotic charge in the presence of Bellaria. The test results highlighted a bacterial change reduction of 85% and mycotic charge reduction of 71% in the environment. It’s great to breathe pure air again, to care for ourselves and for the well-being of the people we love. And it feels even better to do it with Bellaria, vailable in four colours selected to be in harmony with all furnishing trends and tastes: in the living room, in the kitchen, in the workplace, wherever you want. Moreover, Bellaria has a dual function as it purifies the air and provides ambient light with a led light adjustable in intensity. Exclusive technology, fascinating aesthetics, Bellaria is made of handmade glass in line with the historical tradition of Venetian masters. A completely artisan production chosen by Falmec in order to create a design product which unites the knowledge and passion of the best Italian artisan tradition. Bubbles, lines, slight surface defects are characteristics of all line mouth blown and handcrafted glass. They are not to be considered ad defects.

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Falmec offers unique technology that allows you to recreate an ionic atmosphere in your kitchen, by means of controlled bipolar ionisation. Ionic atmospheres naturally eliminate unpleasant odours and also reestablish optimal ionic equilibrium, with noticeable benefits for your physical and psychological wellbeing.
Using controlled bipolar ionisation, E.ion™ System hoods release ions similar to those present in the atmosphere into your kitchen. This neutralises unpleasant odours as well as irritants and pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mites, pollen, spores, dust, and exhaust and other fumes. Ions also have a positive effect on physical and psychological wellbeing, improving mood and concentration.