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powerglass® is light in glass: a laminated glass with embedded LED, which creates the effect of floating lights within the glass sheet.
The LED can be positioned according to individual designs, as starfield patterns, symbols, letters or numbers. The patented technology can also be used to control individual LED for graphic displays and media façades.
The main fields of application are interior design (furniture, partitions, balustrades), advertising (logos, displays) and façade constructions.
Advantages of the LED technology are the absolute transparency, low power consumption, minimal heat development and a long lifetime. High quality manufacturing ensures resistance against rain and snow as well as heat and UV-resistance up to 50°C. Therefore, the use of powerglass® is also possible in wet areas as well as in outdoor application such as façades, elevator glazings or roofs.
Quality made in Germany.

technical data
LED colours: white*, red, blue, green
glass formats: 1200 x 3200 mm
thickness carrier glass: 4* or 6mm, also available as toughened or heat-strengthened glass
composite material: resin laminate, 2 mm
thickness cover glass: 4, 6, 8 or 10 mm, also available as safety glass or laminated glass
glass combinations: e.g. mirror, insulating glass
edge works: edge ground and polished
contacting: contact bars along the long glass edges inside sealing, connection cable strain-relieved affixed
power supply: external power supply unit or in-wall power supply unit, output voltage depending on design 12/24/48 VDC
outdoor utilization: possible
moisture-proof utilization: possible