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Vision Media Front
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Product description

Most disagreements about the decoration of the living room are about the audio system and the TV; music is important and watching movies from the couch. But you don’t want your brand new cabinet look like an audio-visual engine room with those loose cables and wires underneath. Pastoe has find the solution: Vision media front.

The media front consists of a perforated aluminium panel that can be combined with 108 cm wide Vision Elements. The panel is covered on the inside with speaker cloth and can be sprayed in any colour desired. The Vision front allows sound and infrared light to pass through. This application can be used for sound systems from Sonos, Bose, Heos, Sony, B&O, Philips, LG and others.

Product family


Compose with Vision: design your own cabinet and let your cabinet change and grow with the changes in your life. The Vision line has endless variations and consists of over a hundred components to choose from. Vision was designed from the philosophy that a cabinet composition should be part of the total room architecture. The basis of Vision is a rectangular shape with either drawers, doors or flaps and without handles. The doors have an angular edge for a minimalistic look. There is a great variety in depths, height, width and lots of colors and veneers. Fronts close using a push-touch system.

Unlimited compositions are possible; from a free standing mount of components, to a graphic grid on your wall. From a series of sideboards to an architectonic landscape of volumes, from wall-mounted object to singular wall components. Every component is carefully designed and diligently crafted in our factory.