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The path to classic design
Sideboard, cabinet, solo cupboard, room divider or lowboard? cube, our fully customisable interior design concept, is for many good reasons already seen as a design classic. Continually developed since its launch in 2002, cube has evolved into an all-encompassing product range that includes cube gap, cube fine, cube change and cube play for extensible wall-mounted configurations.

Its impressive diversity, aesthetic and high-quality finishing establish cube as a universally usable and modern storage-space concept for every type of home and office. Depending on the configuration, and on the body design, surfaces and interior features selected, individualised units that exactly match the style their owner had in mind, in every detail and function, are created time and

Behind this considerable design accomplishment there lies an equally ingenious but simple idea. cube consists of individual geometric modules of different heights, widths and depths in open or closed form that can be configured with doors, flaps or drawers.

Configured horizontally or vertically, these individual items can be arranged in (almost) endless ways. The diverse base modules can be configured side by side or even stacked, and can also be equipped with every useful feature, including media integration. The result is always astonishingly beautiful and surprisingly original.

cube change
fresh and flexible
Our cube change collection was developed for everyone who loves and wants to stay open to change. Consciously designed as a flexible furniture concept, it embodies the modern lifestyle that allows for changing viewpoints: cube change modules can be joined side by side or stacked, then separated again to be repositioned and rearranged in the room. The basic concept can also be extended with other elements: the perfect design for modern nomads even if it does not entail a move, but rather the new use of existing rooms and space. As with cube fine, change includes a variety of designs with push-to-open, handles and handle strips all available. Open and closed modules can be combined in different heights and widths and in different colours. Depending on how you want it to function, flexible interiors with ordering systems and various inserts can be designed, and TV panels can even be integrated.