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Featuring smart design and beautiful aesthetics, grid is an extremely intricate shelf system with astonishing scope and capacity. Its pioneering design lets you create continuous shelving or a single, stand-alone unit. Every configuration aims to exploit grid's flexible design potential in new and exciting ways. Scarfed front sections made from shelves and sides, growing thicker towards the back, provide the required stability, even for wider spans. Vertical or horizontal – everything is possible. Depending on the arrangement, you can configure grid to create the desired front profile, either across an entire wall, as a sweeping lowboard, or as an intricate sculpture reaching up towards the ceiling. Individual shelves protruding to the front or back in different depths underline its easy, almost playful effect.

grid inspires as an overall concept with a wide array of perspectives, lines, depths and layouts. The contours remain slim at all times, regardless of whether you want to create a larger system or just a single shelving unit. And it just would not be interlübke if this forward-thinking design did not let your own creativity run wild. Drawers in a range of sizes can protrude or be given colourful accents to grab the attention. Closed, more visually understated front profiles can be created using hinged doors or flaps. Contrast can also be added with accented back panels in various colours or veneer woods. The designs cover all matt varnish colours. The fronts of doors and boxes can also be given gloss finishes, with veneers and gloss finishes available for accented rear panels.