OMLED Two d30s

Table lights from OMLED, Designed by Thomas Emde, Jonathan Meier

Product description

Desk lamp
d30s, d30m, d30l
The OMLED Two table lamps convince through their natural light, its high-quality material and the clear design. A touch free operation enables dimming as well as turning the light on or off.

H 329mm x 300 mm Ø


The lighting series OMLED Two is distinguishable through purism, a contemporary aesthetic and technical finesse. Its clear design generates from an optimal combination of function and reduced material usage.

The round, disc-shaped illuminant consists of two satin-finished and printed glass panes, held together in a small distance by a translucent ring. The top disc serves as circuit board. All electronic components are circularly arranged directly on the glass, lending this series its unique appearance. The satin-finished glass distributes light up and down, creating a perfect and consistent illumination of the working or living space.

Through the strict reduction to the circular, the clear and pure design of the luminaires can be perfectly integrated in organised rooms or creative chaos. The circular arranged LEDs mark soft, concentric rings of light on the satinised glass cover. In its off state, the rings disappear in favour of a smooth glass surface. The combination of warm and cold light colors create a light quality which ensures an excellent color rendering through its wide natural color spectrum. The integrated gesture control allows touch-free on and off switching of the light and smooth dimming to optimally adapt to mood and surrounding.

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Manufacturer OMLED
Family OMLED Two
Architonic ID 1399184
Order number 199962
Year of Launch 2016

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