OMLED One d2

Table lights from OMLED, Designed by Thomas Emde, Christoph Petersen

Product description

d2, d3
As an impressive solitaire with a high formal independence, the desk lamp is a statement. Its clear and glare-free light offers a comfortable working atmosphere and supports concentrative working, whether in front of a screen or paper.
The light surface made of printed and hardened glass boldly protrudes over the desk surface. A high-quality foot made of aluminium and coated steel provides a secure stand.

The desk lamp is available in two sizes, made up of two or three OLED modules. It can be acquired in black or white. The touch dimmer on the top glass pane is intuitively operable and enables a continuous control of light, while also acting as on and off switch. Through its homogenous light emission, no mechanical joints or complex adjustment mechanisms are necessary.

507mm x 156mm x 371mm


OMLED One is an expressive family composed of floor, table, desk as well as pendant lamps, which emit wonderfully atmospherical light and that stand out through their minimalistic alignment. The forward-looking OLED technology serves as illuminant for our products, because of its unique and outstanding light quality. We offer the first entire product family with this new technology worldwide.

By consistently using most advanced manufacturing technologies, all technical components can be reduced to a minimum. We use high-quality, satin-finished clear glass as our light medium which reinforces the OLED’s velvety, soft and warm light. A second thin glass pane serves as a cover and operating interface. This element is also the circuit board on which the conductor paths, the electronic elements as well as the contacts for the OLED modules are positioned.

With the consistent reduction of elements, the modular system for connecting the OLED panels and the economical use of materials, we have attached to the OLED only the bare necessities so that its unique light can be utilised. Light and material melt into a unity and seem to intangibly float in the room.

For our product family OMLED One, we use the illuminant OLED to achieve a very natural and multilayered light with an extraordinary quality in colour rendition. The light is pure and clear like sunlight and at the same time emits a homey atmosphere, which provides well-being and comfort.

Through a glare-free and homogenous illumination, the illuminant is perfectly suited as a reading light and for accentuating spaces atmospherically. The space is given depth, in which “light islands” are emphasised while other parts remain in the dark.

The OLED‘s luminance, which is comfortable for the human eye, enables looking into the light without being blinded. This feature makes vertical lighting possible, which correlates to the direction of daylight through a window.

The high-quality, satin-finished glass accentuates the soft and warm light character and leads to the individual OLED‘s light surface borders of the modules softly phasing out.

One of the OMLED One family‘s essential features is the patented, modularly constructed system, which enables the variable use of one light head for different models.
The solution for contacting the individual OLED modules in the inside of the luminaire makes it possible to exchange each module individually, increasing the luminaire‘s expected operating life.

Softly touching the unobtrusively integrated touch dimmer on the surface of the cover glass enables the user to intuitively and continuously dim or switch the light of the OMLED One‘s product family on or off. Comforting light becomes operable with a sensual gesture.

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Manufacturer OMLED
Family OMLED One
Architonic ID 1398524
Order number 199101
Year of Launch 2016

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