Metal pellet insert with Active System® technology; set up for insertion in old existing fire boxes or in new installations. The “Compact” version is loaded via an integrated drawer. Also available in the “Link” with a top-loading door.

EXTRACTABLE MACHINE BODY: The whole machine body can be easily extracted for convenient and practical periodic maintenance of the smoke outlet.

NON-INVASIVE INSTALLATION: Per chi non ha la possibilità di sfondare la cappa, la versione “Compact” prevede l’uscita aria calda frontale e il caricamento pellet attraverso un comodo cassetto estraibile dalla parte frontale.

EASY LOADING: The “Link” version, thanks to a load pipe integrated into an aesthetic drawer, loading the pellets is even more convenient.

Technical characteristics
Fuel type pellet
Nominal heat output 8.00 KW/h
Nominal performance 91.70%
Hopper capability 25.00 l
Hourly consumption at min 0.60 kg/h
Heatable volume 209/35 m³