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Product description

The C3 is a single multi-functional counter for the passionate home cook designed where the stages of food preparation are all in arm’s reach, and the pleasure of cooking is amplified by the sublime quality of the integrated pro-chef tools for a new culinary experience.‎ Wash, cut and cook in stunning streamlined efficiency to save time and wellbeing.‎

The C3 embraces a modern approach to cooking by featuring a professional sous vide tool and concealed vacuum sealer for healthier tastier and faster cooking results.‎ There is no oven below because it would not make sense ergonomically.‎ We recommend installing at eye level.‎

At eye level, the chef’s draw, equipped with an electro-magnetic lock can be customized to hold those precious knives safely away from children as well as your personal cooking tools.‎

The C3 can be integrated into the unique design of any kitchen, fitted either as a standalone unit (loft style) or between your kitchen furniture and cabinets (classic style).‎ It can replace an old-fashioned stove or work alongside.‎ The final vision is yours.‎

The C3 fits perfectly in-between any kind of kitchen cabinetry without the need to assemble on site, it arrives as a whole with an easy installation process.‎ The sides are 90 degrees and can also slide into your existing kitchen design seamlessly.‎

The C3 loft style can be freestanding to emphasise the cooking performance.‎ You can have a butcher block on one side if you prefer or even another small counter with draws.‎

- Structure: Stainless steel grade AISI 304, Scotch Brite and Vibrated finish.‎‎ Unit frame composed by structural sides, pillars and cross bars, fixed to a single piece platform, all in bended stainless steel grade AISI 304.‎‎
- Worktop: The worktop and welded sides 55mm thick, made of bended stainless steel, with front sharp edges in Mirror finish.‎‎
- Backsplash: Functional backsplash offering seamless continuity with worktop level for a perfectly hygienic solution.‎‎
- Cooking Power: 20,500 BTU gas burners or professional induction at 5,000Kw per hob.‎ Semi-professional induction options are available
- Tools: Integrated professional sous vide and vacuum, spoon washer, Bamix holder, USB port/tablet holder and a sliding Corian condiment shelf.‎
- Drawers Finish: Black/White glass front finishes or frameless stone finishes or custom.‎‎