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Stainless Steel, Glass, Marble
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After years of research and refinement, Marrone + Mesubim are delighted to unveil the next chapter of ergonomic culinary counters for the ‘future of home cooking’ in the impressive form of the sophisticated C2 culinary system.‎
Newcomers to the luxury kitchen market, the Marrone + Mesubim C2 is an elite cooking tool designed by Joshua Latner and Professional Custom Kitchen Manufacturer Marrone, where everything required for creativity in the kitchen is within arms-reach.‎ The C2 streamlines the preparation and cooking processes and provides the ultimate luxury performance.‎
Wrapped-up within a luxurious, hand crafted 2-metre workstation the counter embodies the kitchen as one where all the optimum elements of professional cooking have been masterfully integrated.‎
Impeccably created and manufactured near Venice in northern Italy, the high-calibre components of the Marrone + Mesubim C2 culinary system are perfect for the passionate and discerning cook.‎ The almost plug and play aspect is a dream scenario for many developers with challenging projects.‎
Manufacture of the innovative C2 system will commence on 1st of September with an intense 8 week build time required for each high-performance culinary counter.‎

- At its core is a high-powered induction cooktop providing over 7,200kw of heat and accurate temperature controls that feel like the turn of a high-quality watch dial.‎ A best in class Sous Vide water circulator and water bath are seamlessly integrated into the counter for healthier cooking at home.‎
- The sliding shelf glides smoothly across the whole counter to provide easy access to your cooking ingredients and to rest your food.‎ An option of integrated speakers by K-array premium audio system positioned on the backsplash demonstrate the brands ambitions to think outside the box.‎
- The C2 can add value and timeless appeal to any project or interior, it can be installed as a stand-alone counter or integrated within an exisitng kitchen design thanks to the variety of luxurious customisation options especially with drawer panels from Margraf SpA and interiors made in marble, stone, glass or many other materials.‎

Further details
Our ingenious sink has a sliding board for cleaning food, with a sliding wet basket below to hold washed ingredients or discarded trimmings.
A Dornbracht water tap make it easy to clean and rinse, while there’s a separate utility box to hold cleaning products.

In prime central position; with just one step to the left or right, wash and cook areas are in arm’s reach. A sliding stainless steel shelf moves across the back of the counter and provides easy access to frequently used ingredients, while the electromagnetic chef’s drawer below waist height holds and locks knives.

Equipped with semi-professional powered induction (up to 3kW per hob), operated by advanced temperature controls offering perfect accuracy. A utensil holder is conveniently placed next to the cook top to keep your spoons clean.

As a pioneering home culinary system, the C2 incorporates many distinctive and advanced features. The professional sous-vide tool is one.
This seamless water bath is built into the counter in the cutting area, complete with stainless cover, and a covered plug, usb port.
A remote button system fills the sous-vide with water, enabling the perfect execution of healthier, tastier and more accurate cooking.

An option of integrated speakers by K-array premium audio system positioned on the backsplash demonstrate the brands ambitions to think outside the box. 2 small speakers sit at each side of the counter while the 12” subwoofer must be installed seperately in the kitchen.

Materials: Seamless hand-made stainless steel
Induction: Four big zones with up to 12kw induction
Speed: Turbo charged induction
Installation: Arrives as a fully built unit, easy to install
Finishes: Hand-finished vibrated countertop, Veneers Satin fronts and mirror edges
Cooking: 18 culinary features
Panels: Black/white matte glass, stone or custom
Lighting: Led lights 3000k
Certifications: Fully certified to use in all countries

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