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Plafotherm® AirHybrid
Heated and Chilled Hybrid Ceilings
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Product description

Lindner Plafotherm® AirHybrid is a hybrid ventilation component for post cap and hook-on ceilings and can be used for the activation of the concrete core besides supplying fresh air. The ventilation hood is implemented on the rear side and therefore not visible from below – a homogeneous ceiling surface is guaranteed. Best comfort is achieved thanks to an even distribution of supply air – through panel perforations and induction outlets in the ceiling void. The ventilation component can be removed and cleaned according to VDI 6022.


Heated/Chilled Hybrid Ceilings are multifunctional elements: they combine various properties like heating, cooling and venting. The right systems for the activation and working of the concrete core are available. Plafotherm® Heated/Chilled Ceilings provide comfortable climate when combined with hybrid ventilation hoods or heated/chilled beams.