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Plafotherm® E 213
Heated and Chilled Hook-On Ceilings
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Product description

The Lindner heated/chilled hook-on ceiling Plafotherm® E 213, which thermally regulates by means of raditation, is characterised by a homogeneous ceiling surface with accentuated joints. The hook-on ceiling panels can be designed individually and varied in form and size. The ceiling panels can be removed or swung down and slid without tools to guarantee a quick access to the ceiling void for maintenance works.


Lindner heated/chilled hook-on ceilings combine efficient heating and cooling by means of radiation with versatile design options. The ceiling systems with concealed substructure impress with their visual and functional adaptability. Lindner ceiling panels in different shapes and sizes offer design freedom – rectangular, square, trapezoidal, triangular as well as curved panels can be realised. Thermally active and passive areas can of course be combined.