In 2011, the new headquarters of Süwag Energie AG were moved to Frankfurt. With its organic-looking architecture, it not only breaks up the heterogeneous field of appearance of the adjacent buildings, but also opens up open fields of vision to the Old Town, the Main and the Taunus. Inside the building, the architects also attached great importance to an open space structure with plenty of natural light and flexible workplaces for around 860 employees, spread across seven storeys with a gross floor area of 27,300 m². By redesigning the office space in 2018, Süwag Energie AG strove to subdivide the open-plan offices in order to optimise the acoustics and create an even more pleasant working environment. Room-high glass partitions of the type Lindner Life Pure 620 now separate smaller work islands for four people each, which remain open to the hallways without doors. In the entrance area to the islands, integrated metal absorbers provide a noticeable improvement in terms of noise development. Several room-in-room systems of the type Lindner Cube with an area of up to 15 m² enable concentrated individual work, undisturbed calls or confidential meetings. The Cubes are equipped with self-sufficient chilled ceilings and ventilation systems and have a highly effective noise-insulating acoustic wall shell. A special feature are 20 round wood absorbers, which were developed as a single production for the project space and are covered with fabric in different shades of gray. Additional acoustic elements in the immediate vicinity of the desks further enhance sound insulation. The perfect illumination of the new workplaces is ensured by high-quality floor luminaires by Lindner AG | Leuchtenfabrik.


MOW Architekten

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Süwag Energie AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Lindner Life Freeze 137

    Lindner Life Freeze 137

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  • Lindner Plus Acoustic

    Lindner Plus Acoustic

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  • Lindner Cube duo

    Lindner Cube duo

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  • Lindner Life Pure 620

    Lindner Life Pure 620

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