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Free wall cladding
Lindner Free wall cladding
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Lindner Free wall cladding – Skillfully wrapped.

Lindner Free wall cladding transforms every unfinished wall, pedestal or column into a real eye-catching architectural feature. It can be fully accessed for service and maintenance and can also be combined with functional properties.

We offer:
Lindner Free 900 Timber wall cladding
Lindner Free 910 Metal wall cladding
Lindner Free 920 Glass wall cladding

Lindner uses in-house manufactured steel panels with plasterboard inlays for metal solutions. Lindner is also more than happy to provide these high-quality products with effective soundproofing. The construction can be furnished with an impact protection, effectively preventing damages. You can transform your ideas into reality with a range of different finishes and colours.

Our wall cladding can be installed in different ways, either very close to or at a distance from the unfinished wall. This means that you can either save space or, alternatively, hide away building services and cabling.