Product description

Linear profile for outdoor and underwater applications; recessed (wall, ground), max depth 10 m; body in stainless steel, screen in PMMA; SMD low power LEDs; RGB: SMD full colour LED; 6W, 12W - 24Vdc; RGB: 8,5W, 17W - 24Vdc; total delivered lumens: 140 lm, 280 lm (2800K), RGB: 100 lm (R: 22 lm, G: 64 lm, B: 14 lm), 200 lm (R: 44 lm, G: 128 lm, B: 28 lm); diffuse optics; LED colour: white - 2600K, 2800K, 3700K; RGB; ingress protection: IP68; impact resistance: IK10; equipped with IPS; appliance class: III; weight 0,70 kg/m; dimensions 510/1010x38x37 mm

Product family


Recessed linear profile with diffuse light for outdoor applications, drive-over up to 5000 kg. The fixture can be installed in the ground, walls and ceilings using the special outer casing and installation kit.

Available in different standard lengths up to 2010 mm and customized lengths, with either white or RGB light. No dark zone between fixtures installed side by side.