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Purelite Slim
Purelite Slim
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PURELITE SLIM is something to admire before it has even been turned on. The slimmest and thinnest luminaire in the industry, it is a feat of imagination and innovation. But then a switch is flicked. And PURELITE SLIM becomes a sleek strip of pure, uninterrupted, exceptional light. Although its design is hard to comprehend, the luminaire itself is easy to install at every stage of a project. Because it is ultra-flat (35 mm), PURELITE SLIM can be integrated into concrete ceilings without having to alter the statics of that ceiling or the building itself. Giving you flexibility on top of aesthetic brilliance. So, the possibilities are as wide as PURELITE SLIM is so elegantly thin.

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Ultra-flat design
The slimmest and thinnest luminaire in the industry for the office environment. Not only is its lighting quality remarkable, the ultra-flat luminaire unit itself, measuring just 35 millimetres including control gear, is too. A narrow, continuous strip of light up to 19 metres long, PURELITE SLIM illuminates rooms and ceilings without shadows or, where required, allows different accents to be set by means of targeted lighting.

Unlimited flexibility
The uses and applications of PURELITE SLIM are both versatile and flexible, partly due to a purist design which can be easily integrated into a wide variety of environments, and partly to its ease of installation. Whereas conventional recessed ceiling luminaires have to be planned from the outset, PURELITE SLIM can be retrofitted at no great expense, as it does not reach the reinforcement area in concrete ceilings, making it particularly suitable in the case of renovations or retrofitting projects. In addition, PURELITE SLIM is available with a wireless connect system patented by Regent Lighting and thus enables a particularly simple installation in a compact support profile.

Variants for every application
The light line is available in three versions and thus covers a wide range of needs. For offices, conference rooms, entrance areas and corridors, PURELITE SLIM and PURELITE SLIM OFFICE, the two omni-directional versions with ceiling illumination, are most suitable. The direct light emission PURELITE SLIM D version, on the other hand, directs light downwards in order to illuminate specific areas in a more targeted manner.

Numerous mounting options
PURELITE SLIM is available in four versions, each of which creates a different lighting effect in the room. In addition to the recessed ceiling luminaire, PURELITE SLIM is also available as a ceiling mounted luminaire, as a channel lighting system, and, with the appropriate accessories, as a pendant version.

An eye-catcher at home too
While PURELITE SLIM is designed for office use, it offers a wide range of
other application options. Its minimalist and slim design makes the light line the ideal luminaire for hotels, restaurants and even the home. Without pushing itself into the foreground, it pleasantly illuminates corridors, dining and living areas, presenting the workstation, cooking island or dining table in the perfect light.

Countless options thanks to the related PURELITE product line
The related PURELITE luminaire, also available in omnidirectional and direct light emission versions, is just as flat but slightly wider and thus offers an ideal alternative to the delicate PURELITE SLIM for larger rooms and volumes.

For the first time with an integrated RUN or RUN+ diffuser
The new RUN and RUN+ diffusers, specially developed for PURELITE SLIM OFFICE and PURELITE SLIM D as well as for the existing PURELITE and CHANNEL S product lines, create an endless, seamless line of beautiful light without gaps or shadows, and depending on the design, enable centimetre-precision planning up to 24 metres in length.

For more information about the benefits of RUN+, please see the relevant product page.