Product description

Linear profile for outdoor applications, drive-over up to 5000 kg; recessed (ceiling, wall, ground); body in stainless steel, screen in PMMA; SMD low power LEDs; RGB: SMD full colour LED; 5W, 10W, 19W, 29W, 38W - 24Vdc; RGB: 4,5W, 8,5W, 17W, 26W, 34W - 24Vdc; delivered lumen output: 145 lm, 290 lm, 580 lm, 870 lm, 1160 lm (2800K); diffuse optics; LED colour: white - 2600K, 2800K, 3700K; RGB; ingress protection: IP67; impact resistance: IK10; equipped with IPS; appliance class: III; weight 1,20 kg/m; dimensions 260/510/1010/1510/2010x38x51 mm

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