Product description

Outdoor projector (IP66), with or without support base. It is available with 10W or 20W power and has a wide range of optics, including 16° sharp optics. Stake for installation in the ground and anti-glare accessories.

Projector for outdoor applications; surface mounted (ceiling, wall, ground, stake); body in aluminium, screen in serigraphed and tempered glass; finishes: anthracite, white, cor-ten, grey; 1 COB LED; 10W, 20W - 230Vac; delivered lumen output: 640 lm (3000K, 10W, CRI 80), 340 lm (3000K, 16° sharp, 10W, CRI 80); 1308 lm (3000K, 20W, CRI 80), 805 lm (3000K, 16° sharp, 20W, CRI 80); optics: 16° sharp, 16°, 22°, 30°, 38°, 63°, 64°; LED colour: white - 2700K, 3000K, 4000K; ingress protection: IP66; impact resistance: IK07; equipped with IPS and SPD; appliance class: I; weight 2,30 kg, 2,60 kg; dimensions Ø109x165x94,5 mm

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Outdoor projector available in two different wattages. It can be installed using a bracket or the base for connections.

A version with 16°-sharp optics is available for a light beam with pin-sharp edges.