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Premium KN76
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Premium KN76 is a tilt and turn / hinged system that will provide maximum thermal insulation and weather protection for the most demanding positions.
Material: high-impact uPVC with enhanced steel geometry
- Highly insulating 6-chamber center seal system with 76mm construction depth, straight design, and narrow profile views.
- 3 seals for optimal weather protection
- Increased thermal insulation through additional wing rebate seal
- the outer stops of the profiles are chamfered by approx. 10 °
- The corner bearing is screwed to the frame through 3 profile webs and into the steel reinforcement
- Striker plate is fixed directly into the steel reinforcement
- Drainage either to the front or below (consealed)
- Glazing thicknesses 24mm up to 48 mm
- Set-back glazing bead with an extruded sealing lip for a better look
- Welded seals in corners all around the window with secure weather control
- Concealed as well as visible fittings are possible
- Thermal insulation Uf = 1.0 W / (m²K)
- Complete profile series (main and secondary profiles) are stabilized with environmentally friendly calcium / zinc instead of lead

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