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FIN-Project Step-line Cristal
FIN Project Cristal
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The innovative aluminum program
Windows, sliding doors, window walls and front doors
FIN-Project products combine proven FINSTRAL window technology with the material advantages of aluminum on the inside and outside, encasing a multi-chambered PVC core profile. Narrow profiles characterize the elegant aluminum design of FIN-Project. Innovative system details ensure outstanding thermal insulation, sound protection, tightness, ease of opening and security.

Twin-line Nova Cristal
Crystal-clear prospects, optimal functionality
This high-quality all-glass window features a sash frame completely covered by glazing, both outside and inside. The exterior frameless appearance creates a flush, elegant glass front. On the inside, the frameless contours and all-glass surfaces create a reduced, clear design. The absence of frame edges makes maintenance and cleaning a straightforward task. A total of nine colors offers ample choice for enameling the edges of the glass.
The Cristal window with its composite casement offers integrated sun and privacy protection: The blind, fitted in the weatherproof space between the panes, ensures optimal interior light conditions. Cristal combines innovative, modern aesthetics with excellent thermal insulation (Uw 0.98 W/m2K) and outstanding sound insulation (41 dB).

Twin-line Classic Cristal
Flush appearance on the outside, all-glass surface on the inside
The Twin-line Classic Cristal variant of aluminum all-glass windows features an exterior visible, flush aluminum sash profile. On the inside, it offers an entirely glazed surface and frameless contours. A choice of nine colors is available for enameling the edges of the inner glass.
This window, too, offers all the comforts of the composite casement. The integrated venetian blind, protected from wind and weather, ensures optimal privacy and sun protection while permitting interior light and shade to be adjusted to individual preferences.
Twin-line Classic Cristal combines modern aesthetics with an outstanding thermal insulation value of Uw 1.0 W/m2K.