Product description

iPot is a modular system that can take unlimited forms.
Simple and handy: its modular structure provides an extraordinary compositional and functional flexibility. You can build it up as a partition wall, an indoor or outdoor 'green island', a bookcase, a display stand and more, thanks to a variety of accessories.
Customizable: perfect and adjustable to fit in any space, from the smallest element, single cube, to the most complex configurations. iPot is the unique solution that best meets your needs!

Ask for a custom solution or browse our Catalogue and get inspired.

Product family


Freestanding and lightweight, iPot’s modular structure can be continually reconfigured.
It is easily assembled by fitting in two different kinds of components: aluminium square tubes and nylon connectors.
The base module size is around 20 x 20 cm and can be orthogonally expanded in multiples of its size. Each module supports up to 5 kg weight.
The square tubes are powder coated and available in 3 colours: white /RAL 9010, black /RAL 9005 and a mix of those two colours; all colours come with an opaque surface finishing.
iPot's structure is fit for indoor and outdoor use.