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GRID ceiling element
GRID Ceiling Element
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The GRID ceiling element gives you the opportunity to continue the well-defined structures of GRID and to combine minimalistic design with ceiling lighting. Tailor your ceiling element by designing your desired configuration and by adding cross braces, sides and shelves. The GRID ceiling element is well suited for the store, reception area, showroom, event, show, gallery, fair, hotel and restaurant.


The GRID system is based on the 40 x 40 x 40 cm Basic Module with mounting holes making the system versatile. The cubic frame is made from 12 mm nylon (PA6) reinforced with fibreglass and comes in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9016). This basic building module can be infinitely repeated and personalized.


Once you have your GRID Basic Module(s) you add components from the GRID collection consisting of shelves, sides, transparent acrylic sides, tops, bases, cross braces, hanging rails, magazine shelves, doors, drawers, castors and adjustable legs. All parts are designed with a minimalistic, industrial and elegant look.


GRID is designed for you to make it your own – it isn’t limited to one design and fit. The GRID system allows for flexibility and purpose in every room; in the store and showroom, the museum and gallery, the hotel and restaurant, the office and institution, the show and event, the exhibition and fair, the urban space and in the private home.

For each GRID configuration you can determine its height, width and depth. The result is a system that matches your priorities, whether it is to create a showcase, a room divider, a table, a display system or a desk. Even better, the system can grow with you. If needed, you can take your GRID apart and re-design it to fit new spaces. GRID also makes it possible to design and re-design configurations with multiple and crossover purposes; a bench with storage space, a desk with display and a room divider with integrated storage space, only to mention a few possibilities.