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“If you want your secret kept secret, keep it yourself”, Seneca.

Office Secret is a new vision, an extensive and complete system for today’s office, giving form and content to the new expression of the work place.

Os, designed by Item Design, has the characteristic of a restrained design and a great lightness of form, with four extruded aluminium legs, adjustable in height up to 10 cm, its form adapting perfectly to the managerial and operative environments.

With Os, we gain easy, close-to-hand access to an electrical solution, creating a space to store our most personal objects under lock and key.

Os can be extended horizontally in modules with no need to duplicate the uprights, thus providing flexibility in the number of workstations and freedom of movement.

Os is complemented with an extensive program of panels, as well as a wide range of cabinets, shelving, drawers and bucks that aid concentration and order in shared work environments.