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Anyone who works daily at a desk knows best which contribution furniture can make towards organising and simplifying work to an optimum in the office. That’s why we listened – to the people who work in offices, and to the people who design office worlds.

The result: a desk has to be more than a table these days. It has to be a sophisticated, well-thought out system, with which you can design and organise your office very individually – multifunctional, modular and with a wealth of variants, ergonomical and convenient to use.

With WINEA PRO, WINI has developed a table system which consolidates all the arguments for the perfect workplace: clear and timeless in design, multi- variable in its function, easy and comfortable in its use. A transformable system for all areas of work in the office – from single and team workplaces to meetings, right up to the executive office. Everything has a con- sistent appearance, with optimum functionalism.

Our ambition: to achieve the maximum by reducing to a minimum.
The idea: as little table as necessary and as much user-oriented function as possible. The solution: WINEA PRO.

In reducing the workplace system to a few, high- quality assembled groups, it fulfils all the demands for maximum variability, functionalism, ergonomics and sustainable office furnishing. Yet WINEA PRO offers the highest degree of freedom of design with its three leg variants, on the basis of its efficient assembly form. Whether it’s 4-leg, C-leg or T-leg: the modular system not only allows for swift assembly, but for flexible adaptation to changed room situations.

Function and configuration in tune – that’s design.
WINEA PRO transfers its discreet language of form onto its functionalism, too. The chromium-plated pushbutton conceals sophisticated comfort for the user. Intelligent technology is what’s behind it: a new, patented grid height-defining system, which brings the table to the ergonomically perfect sitting height – swiftly, easily, safely and with no tools whatsoever – within the adjustment range of 65 to 85 cm, according to the latest EU-norm EN 527-1:2011.
Clear, timeless design, coupled with easy to operate, useroriented function: the WINEA PRO table system is setting new benchmarks for design in the office.

We require a system which gives us a free hand.
WINEA PRO is the workplace system for everything and everyone. Multifunctional, flexible, rich in variety. With three table depths, nine top widths, a multitude of functional fitting details and three ergonomic leg variants (plus pedestal support and base plate), WINEA PRO gives you all the possibilities for designing your office according to your very own personal ideas: from the compact double workplace with lots of leg space to the well-organised ergonomic sit-stand table with a lot of technical refinement.

For me, linearity is a question of character.
Prove your strength of character – through linearity of the office furnishing. WINEA PRO is convincing with its consequential system, through a clear, timeless design, hand-chosen highquality materials and a multitude of individualising possibilities.
With five leg colours – titanium white, volcano black, dark anthracite, white aluminium, high-polish chromium finish – and a wide range of table-top colours and qualities, the table system presents the optimum basis for a homogeneous, ambitious decoration of premises right through all the hierarchies. From the functional team workplace to the conference room, right up to the prestigious executive workplace.

For me, a good office always means motivation, too.
Motivation is a key to success. To this end, WINEA PRO tunes function with composition. Team workplaces with pedestal support connect the work surface with storage space. The combination creates homely office surroundings – motivating for dedicated work. A useful side effect: the furnishing saves office space and walks, thus helping to optimise work processes.

Where we work, it’s all about our customers.
When configuring customer service workplaces, we focus on the combination of communication and work: ample surface area with a high-quality visual appearance for talks with the customer – and practical surfaces for concentrated work at the computer.
With variable linking and organisational possibilities, as well as various add-on tops, angular units and leg variants, WINEA PRO provides a multitude of individual composition solutions. For customer advice offices where both customers and staff feel equally appreciated.

We like it practical and compact.
With WINEA PRO, you can assemble full-value team workstations on a minimum of floor space. Combined with apothecary cabinets from the WINEA MAXX range, the table system presents itself as a compact unit providing personal storage space and a workstation with plenty of leg space. What’s more, by attaching a function rail onto the far side of the table, WINEA PRO can be organised for practical purposes, e.g. with sound-absorbing table panels and lamps, or monitor supporting arms and tidy-desk panels, too.

For us, being creative means staying in motion – being hip.
Regularly alternating between standing and sitting at your workplace has advantages: it strengthens your back and improves your health, as well as your concentration. WINEA PRO makes the changeover easy for you. The system provides two leg models for this and two different technical variants, with which you can extend your workplace to an individual sit-stand table: the WINEA PRO T-leg table masters the height difference between sitting and standing with a choice of either gas pressure spring regulation (65 – 125 cm), or a convenient and quiet electromotive height-adjustment (65 – 125 cm), which is also available for the C-leg. For perfect ergonomics to suit your wishes.

Flexibility is fine, if I know I can always rely on my desk.
Open to every member of staff, every work model and every change: the WINEA PRO multifunctional work- bench is a fully-fledged workplace for on-the-move staff, teams or project groups, and simultaneously a flexible and space-efficient alternative to the single office.
Set up as a modular communication platform, the WINEA PRO workbench can be organised to be tailor-made – but remains extendable and reversible.

I need space to work.
Creative people at work think in all directions – sometimes even outside the box. For all those who want to stay in motion, and simply need more space, WINEA PRO is the ideal solution: the electromotive height-adjustable WINEA PRO sit-stand table can be linked up at a 90°angle – problem-free.
The high-performance engine and WINEA PRO’s sturdy frame construction guarantee quiet, synchronous and wobble-free movement of the table tops up to the optimum working height. Practical: the CPU holder attached to the cross beam always stays within back-friendly reach of the user.

Strength is born of tranquillity – for fruitful cooperation.
In a team you often work together in closest proximity. Which is why it’s even more important for you to be able to work there for yourself, too, undisturbed and concentrated. WINEA PRO makes both settings possible – effortlessly. Simply by installing a sturdy function rail at the back of the table top, you gain practical adaptation possibilities – for example, for sound-absorbing acoustic or organisation panels from the WINEA SINUS line. Here, too, the cable flap integrated into the table top provides an easy power and data management with rapid access to the cable duct.

Simply good: two at one fell swoop
The WINEA PRO double workstation is the neat ergonomic solution for the team office or desk-sharing office. The system frame provides not one but two workplaces with personalised height adjustment and these, in turn, promote health via the shift from sitting to standing. Furthermore, light and acoustic elements can be integrated easily into the double workplace: the robust frame with connecting beam provides sturdy adapting options for the sound-absorbing panels from the WINEA SINUS range, and the TAVONA ergonomic LED workplace lamp. Linked together in a row, WINEA PRO double workstations are also the ideal solution for using as workbenches.

During important negotiations,
the right atmosphere can be decisive.
Meeting and conference rooms are a reflection of the company’s culture. WINEA PRO provides harmonious shapes and classy materials for a high-quality visual appearance. The modular system components make an individual made- to-measure solution possible – with a wide range of different legs, and shapes, colours and feel of the table tops. WINEA PRO is a generously-proportioned furnishing solution for people at work and their interaction, which is shown with this barrel-shaped table.

No matter how many are present – I always like to stay on top of everything.
Irrespective of how many participants in total take part in a discussion group, and which topics are on the agenda: thanks to variable linking possibilities, WINEA PRO always provides the optimal solution. Open table assemblies in O- or U-layout can be realised – with a minimum of table legs and a maximum of flexibility.
As required, surfaces can be adapted, extended or removed. The leg space can be shielded, as desired, with modesty panels made of steel or veneer. Netboxes countersunk flush with the table tops and a concealed power and data management, which runs via the fold-down cable ducts under the table top – technology connections made easy.

We need a table system honed to perfection: timeless in its design, multifunctional, transformable, convenient and capable of being individualized.
With WINEA PRO, WINI presents you with a modular workplace system which unites design, function and comfort to perfection – totally convincing with its clear language of shape, maximum variability, its ability to individualize, and its user-oriented functionalism. A table system which backs sustainability and an above-average long life cycle, by using high-quality, completely recyclable materials.
The heart of WINEA PRO is the so-called dock made of diecast aluminum – the connecting element between the horizontal and vertical levels, onto which the spreader beam, the legs and the table top are simply “docked”. The construction concept of the dock makes linking up working surfaces easy, as well as quick assembly and dismounting of the legs. Whether it’s 4-leg, C-leg or T-leg – with three leg variants WINEA PRO can, moreover, be adapted flexibly to multifarious space and user requirements.

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Part of the collection TABLE SYSTEMS.
Manufacturer WINI Büromöbel
Family Winea Pro
Architonic ID 1266191
Year of Launch 2014

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