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Winea Matrix
Winea Matrix
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Storage-Cabinets >
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Product description

Cabinet depth: 45 cm | Cabinet widths: 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 cm | 160 / 180 cm (max. 3 file heights)

Shelves: 2-4 file heights | Shelf extensions: 1-3 file heights

Transverse roller shutter cupboards: 1-4 file heights | Transverse roller shutter top cupboards: 1-3 file heights

Sliding door wardrobes: 1-4 file heights | Sliding door add-on wardrobes: 1-3 file heights

Hinged door cupboards: 2-4 file heights | Hinged door add-on cupboards: 1-3 file heights

Suspended filing cabinets: 1-3 file heights | Suspended filing cabinets: 1 file height

Combination cabinets: 1.5-3.5 file heights

Product family


With clear lines, clear forms and a whole lot of storage space WINEA MATRIX brings perfect order into the office. The intelligent storage space system from WINI organises storage space in the office according to an individual way of working. It structures rooms and offers lots of comfort with a maximum of functionalism and freedom of design. This means that WINEA MATRIX is far more than just storage space for files. The modular system consists of single units which are assembled depending on requirements, and the setup as a mirror image facilitates organisation of the storage space from both sides - with absolutely no detrimental effect, visually. Because with its even alignment of distances between joints, WINEA MATRIX is just as pretty from the back as from the front.