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select bar stool 11-373
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Werner Max Moser >
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11-373 HG 530
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Seating-Bar stools >

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Bar stool, upholstered seat, seat frame, legs and connection ring of solid bentwood
W39, H83

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select adds Parisian ambiance to a home. A wooden chair for letting the time pass by in comfort. Reading fifty pages of Kafka or half a dozen newspapers, playing chess for hours, coming up with ideas, debating—preferably in French—that is the world of the legendary "Café Select", as it has been immortalised in pictures and books. Architect Willy Boesiger opened it in 1935 on the ground floor of the former "Du Lac" hotel at Limmatquai 16, to bring Parisian café culture to Zurich. The Select was a favourite with bohemia, writers, actors, architects, journalists, and intellectuals, giving access to foreigners and nonconformists. Klaus Mann, Max Frisch or Friedrich Dürrenmatt frequented the Select. In memory of the café that closed in 1998, DJ Oliver Stumm from Zurich opened the "Café Select" bistro in New York's Lafayette Street with horgenglarus furniture to bring subtle Swiss flair to the U.S. metropolis.
Werner Max Moser's wooden select 1-370 chair is not only for avant-garde or catering epicentres, it quickly established itself with a large array of consumers. Its curved half-moon backrest provides a feeling of security, and lets you sit crosswise, turn to face your neighbour (or not). A delicate chair with many benefits.