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miro 6-403
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6-403 HG 560
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Upholstered seat, rear legs and back of solid bentwood, stackable, optional row connector
W47, D48, H80, SH47

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miro, a compact wooden chair with a puristic line, is a re-design of the internationally renowned designer Hannes Wettstein (1958–2008). Wettstein, who sought the nature of things in his work, used his sensitivity for shapes, dimensions, and proportions to create a truly coherent design of confident discreet elegance. The stackable 687 S chair, a 1950 in-house construction that received the "Die gute Form" award in 1958, was gently interpreted by Hannes Wettstein: He rounded the profile on the inside of the front legs and tapered the seat towards the back. Modifying the inclination of rear legs and seat bulge increased the chair's ergonomics. Its contained character makes the miro ideally suited for many residential spaces or public areas such as hotels and restaurants. In its succinctly unspectacular shape, it had already endured as a stackable chair, for example as model variant 6/100 in the large beer restaurant of the Swiss Expo 64 in Lausanne, as the first colour photograph in the horgenglarus' catalogues shows.
miro marks horgenglarus' re-awakening. miro is one of our most successful chairs and was the starting point of a comprehensive chair family created by Hannes Wettstein until 2007.
The sinuous montreux with its high back is the classy miro version for exclusive restaurants, shops, and guild houses. The seat's classic belt upholstery makes this sinuous chair very comfortable.