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Plinto Composizione 246
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Pinuccio Borgonovo >
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Product description

Plinto keeps on growing up, multiplying and completing. After its freely created compositions with independent elements, we can move from imagination to practice and this shows the way it is broaden on every possible solution. As a consequence, the election of the “Giro tv” as an original and almost indispensable element for the perfect vision of the TV instrument, thanks to its ability to rotate till 90° and to the fact that it’s possible to adapt it to the glance and not vice-versa.

Autonomy is a good word. If you don’t read it in a broad meaning, it means that people can do whatever they want, as they are free from any constriction. If you replace “making” with “composing”, you obtain the primordial essence of Plinto. Thanks to Plinto’s “independent” elements, be they equipped bases or jumbles of drawers, benches or hanging elements of different shapes, panels and shelves, a home is provided with the possibility to be freely furnished with no mental or spatial constrains.

Product family


Plinto has been revised in a new form marked out by containers and open spaces, integrated into one element. Other components, featured by open spaces hidden by the cabinet structure, frame in the composition a vertical architectural stroke, visually very impressive.
Its modular structure has been improved and made more flexible by adding a 16 cm module (1.6), allowing for both more articulated solutions and the total integration with the APP (Architectural Partition Project) wardrobe system, which can be used to divide living spaces architecturally.