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Can you handle this? Ten types of designer door handle

James Wormald


Essential not only for access, safety and security, door handles also play a crucial role in an interior’s aesthetic style and ergonomic comfort.

Size Doesn’t Matter: contemporary Nordic architects who ...

Simon Keane-Cowell


Head north and you'll find a thriving design culture where the level of consideration given to the way things look, feel and work isn't determined by their scale. Be they housing projects, chairs or taps, the Scandinavian approach to design continues

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Former…Back, and in a Big way!



The well known Italian modern furniture manufacturer ‘FORMER’ is back…….and in a Big way.

HOC: High Office Concept – acronym for a high-quality ...



Project:.Five companies are working together to express and tell at the best a new way of living the workplace. Dynamic and fluid spaces come alive thanks to design and quality that has always characterized these companies: desks, chairs, cabinets,