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Laminis F33
Laminis F33
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Searching for Laminis
“Darkness can tell you a great deal about light”. This fixed thought, accompanying the start of our journey, becomes even more insistent when we reach the entrance of the Cava Acque (Acque Quarry), in Grancona, on the eastern side of the Berici hills.
It's midday. The sun at its zenith blinds us, reflected in the white sheets of Vicentine stone. Crossing the imposing threshold, we find ourselves in darkness. Going down towards the centre of the earth the air becomes colder and wetter, steps become slower. A reflection catches my attention. Glass fragments springing up amongst the geometrical masses, nestled in the rock like precious stones. We've reached our destination. That’s Laminis.

The elegance of glass
We carry on walking enveloped in a luminescent vapour, moving in over-range environments, brought back down to a human dimension by glass compositions hanging from a rocky ceiling like crystalline stalactites. In the distance I can hear, muffled and three-dimensional, the sound of drops falling to form small pools. As we move further into the hill's bowels, our eyes get used to the dark and I can see long corridors and walls of light sculpted in the soft calcareous stone. The finely decorated vitreous surfaces create luminous glares bringing elegant salons to light, like the remains of a fascinating lost civilisation. It's Laminis, designing space with light.

Infinite light weaves
The single tiles, combined together like a precious mosaic, create multi-sided luminous structures discretely enriching each ambient and opening scenarios for any architectural project. This is the main characteristic of Laminis: its casual, harmonious overlapping of existing space creating infinite light weaves.

The story continues
Our trip has come to an end, but we return to the surface with new awareness. There are still umpteen stories of light to be told. We just need to tell them.

1.The customization path starts with the choice of Laminis glasses which will form the glass wall.

2. Combining them you can get endless customization possibilities.

3. The various glasses must have a width of 30 cm, or multiple, although they have different sizes.
Possibility to choose the single modules among base patterns or design the own graphic pattern.
Possibility to choose the color finishing of the single glasses among those described here.