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Fabbian lighting has been selected to light up the project of Blue Milano, a new group of professionals dealing in “office furniture integration”: we are speaking about a real, not a virtual portal, in which each partner company is used and therefore exalted in the best possible way.

Fabbian lighting reveals its more technical side, designing a sort of bar code on the natural wood colour false ceiling in sound-dampening material: this is the Zen Black system involving alternate direction light blocks with QR111 halogen and metal iodide light sources. The individual modules of the Zen collection, total-recessed version with fluorescent lights, are fitted inside the white plasterboard at regular intervals. The only suspension light on the first floor is Crio, in the embossed white version, enhanced by dropping on the corner room table, while the wall is washed by the recessed LEDs of the Cricket collection.

Moving down to the lower floor, the stairs are stained with light from the halogen lamps fitted on the Tube collection, a model also used to provide uniformity in the corridor introducing into the offices: the comfortable desks are lit by elegant Factory suspension lights which, in the gloss white version, are consistent with the predominant colour of the entire basement; furthermore, thanks to double emission, they also allow exploiting the light reflected off the ceiling. On the false ceiling, again made of noise-dampening material, but finished in white, the fluorescent Zen system is again concealed. This system also lights the screening room.
To end with, different Fabbian floor-lamp models such as Beluga Alu, Ali and Elle, provide accent lighting to most of the room corners.

Design team:

Architect: Marco Viola

Project partners:

Products and Lighting project: Fabbian Illuminazione

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