• Faretti Cheope D27 F07 00

    Faretti Cheope D27 F07 00


  • Vicky D69 B01 00

    Vicky D69 B01 00


The Hotel Guarda Golf is located at Crans-Montana, the renowned Swiss skiing resort in the heart of the Canton Valais, at an altitude of 1500 m, with wonderful views and an important “Jack Nicklaus” golf course.
The hotel is fairly small in size, but distinguished by extreme elegance and attentive and personalized service.

The hotel features an international restaurant, another typically Valais restaurant offering traditional cuisine, a lounge area with large stone fireplace, two meeting rooms, a baby parking facility and a Spa with swimming pool and fitness room.
The Guarda Golf Spa is the showpiece of the hotel. It was designed by the firm Dada Architecture+Design of Arch. Davide D’Agostino.

The accent features of the centre were to be the clean lines of the interiors and an atmosphere conveying a widespread feeling of relaxation to favour the psycho-physical well-being of guests. Starting with these inputs, the architect developed a rational layout plan – rational in terms of distribution of the interiors and, above all, rational as regards interior design.

The philosophy of this Spa therefore consists in providing excellence through simplicity: a simple location made with noble materials, to host simple but expert manual skills. A combination that ideally suits the mentality and style of the owners who hope, with this formula, to cater in an alternative way for the needs of the more discerning guests of this wonderful and singular holiday resort.

Fabbian has lit up the entire Spa area and most other areas of the hotel with the Cubetto, Faretti, Venere, Beluga Colour, Beluga Steel, Vicky, Sospesa, Cricket, Orbis, and From Gom collections.

Architect: Dada Architecture+Design by Arch. Davide D’Agostino

Products and Lighting project: Fabbian Illuminazione

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    Cubetto D28 G01 00


  • Cricket D60 F17 27

    Cricket D60 F17 27


  • Cricket D60 F13 27

    Cricket D60 F13 27


  • Beluga Colour D57 F01 31

    Beluga Colour D57 F01 31


  • Faretti Cindy D27 F28 00

    Faretti Cindy D27 F28 00


  • Beluga Colour D57 G23 00

    Beluga Colour D57 G23 00


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