Product description

Installation for surface thickness of up to 50 mm.
Mounting hole ø 80 mm. Configuration: 1 power outlet, VDE-compliant, 16 A, contact-protected, 1 x USB Type A Charger, charging function only - ideal for charging of USB-chargeable devices, i.e. Apple iPhones, iPads, iPods**, Tablets, Smart phones, MP3 Players.
With CAT 6 socket, 3,0 m cable and plug.

Product family


Cable apertures in desks are standard.

This standard opening in the work surface can offer you more than just a hole with cover. EVOline Square provides a socket, a USB Charger and a data connection inside the 80 mm diameter. E
ven in closed Position EVOline Square gives you a smart offer: The sliding cover in its QI-Version provides an inductive technology for wireless charging of suitable mobiles.