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Individual freedom is the key to productive cooperation

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‘New Work’ describes not so much a state of affairs as a process of change that entails new tasks as well as changing demands on places of work, which is why it is crucial to react creatively.

Dauphin Workheart: how to successfully plan an office in ...

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The office needs heart, is the message from the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, which provides an updated concept for contemporary workspace planning under the title ‘Dauphin Workheart’. The future means the office as the centre of the company – and

On the level: the Dauphin Heartbar

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Every organisation needs its physical centre, especially as collaboration becomes more virtual. The Dauphin HumanDesign Group proposes the principle of a ‘heartbar’ as the central meeting point of a company.

Five room dividers that separate space with style

James Wormald


Space partitioning can often be dismissed as a bland, acoustic-only solution. But these five projects show how space can be artfully divided while adding colour, character and personality.

Think inside the box: BOSSELINO

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Markus Hieke


Contemporary open-plan workspaces are perfect for creativity and collaboration, but for those times when you need to take a step back, there’s bosselino.

Don't shush me!: BOSSE

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Barbara Jahn-Rösel


Decades of experience has secured German manufacturer BOSSE’s position as a pioneer of room-in-room solutions – sustainable and comfortable spaces for trouble-free communication.

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BOSSE: compact for more space

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Gerrit Terstiege


BOSSE's sustainably produced Cubes help to make the open-plan office attractive again, providing comfortable spaces for flexible working in optimised climatic and acoustic conditions.

Enjoy the silence: Bosse

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Katharina Sommer


With the "Bosse Cube 4.0", German company BOSSE offers an easy-to-install and variably adaptable room-in-room system with high-quality technological equipment for the office of tomorrow.

The unique modular furniture system



With the "modul space" furnishing system from Bosse Design, virtually any furniture design is possible. The quality of the intelligent system is obvious down to the smallest detail.

Efficiency in open-plan offices



The innovative "human space Cube" room-in-a-room system from Bosse allows you to do the things that are not so easily possible in modern open-plan office environments. These include speaking to someone in private, concentrating on your work without

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