Product description

Formats: 2800 x 1300 mm. Further formats available on request.
Thicknesses: 9 / 11 mm.

Product family


The EDELHOLZCOMPACT is a first-class hybrid of noble wood and compact board. It combines the characteristics of HPL with the feel and warmth of noble wood. Despite its low thickness, it is highly stable and appears elegant and delicate. It is moisture-resistant and its edges are polishable.
The HPL core is available in black, brown and white, as well as in a fire-retardant version.
Applications: High-quality interior construction and exclusive designer furniture, wet rooms, partition walls, table surfaces, work surfaces, etc.

Further product variants:
Ultra-modern design combines aesthetics, individuality and naturalness. Thanks to INDEWO® technology, unique wood features, sun-browned planks, unforgettable landscapes, motifs, portraits, company logos and quotations can be displayed and reproduced identically today and in the future. The design possibilities are exceptional and limitless!
Applications: Intriguing solution, especially for hotel, property and trade fair constructions.