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Reconstituted Veneer
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Reconstituted Veneers
CWP veneers are real wood veneers produced from birch and dyed with environmental colors. It’s a new way to use birch as interior material.

As a general rule, CWP’s reconstituted veneers can be used creatively in the design of any products in the same way as traditional veneers. CWP colored veneer is ideal surface material for furniture and fittings, interior walls, ceilings, doors, acoustic boards etc. It’s also very well suited for form-pressing.

CWP’s reconstituted veneers are manufactured by slicing from laminated birch veneer blanks. CWP veneers are available in the thickness 0.6 mm in beautiful natural colour tones. Also custom-made colour combinations are possible.

Reconsituted veneers are unique
CWP reconstituted veneers are created from individually dyed 1,5 mm thick veneer layers. This makes an unique surface, which reflects light and colour in an unparalleled way.

We can provide a wide range of beautiful natural colours as standard. Custom-made colours/colour combinations are possible with the minimum order of 500 m2.

The width of one single veneer is approximately 1,3 mm. Delivery time by request.

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Harriet Thorpe


When we consume the earth's precious resources, they should be used as sustainably as possible and then renewed – just like Finnish wood veneer manufacturer CWP does it.