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Straight Stairs Wood | Cells Balustrade TRH-592
Straight Stairs Wood | Cells Balustrade TRH-592
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Straight Stairs Wood / Cells Balustrade

Straight Stairs
Open sides, against a wall, between two walls, or with a half or quarter landing? Are the treads to be open or closed? Although straight flights of stairs are basically simple in design being straight, many options are available. EeStairs is very appreciative of this and makes straight staircases functional or exclusive, depending on what you are looking for.
We draw up an initial design based on your wishes and the space in which the EeStairs®straight staircase is to be installed. All sorts of options are available in terms of material, finish and style. If you are looking for a simple steel fire escape, prices start at about 3,000 Euros. The most exclusive creations using glass or stone start at about 30,000 Euros. Whatever you choose, quality and creativity are paramount. EeStairs always ensures the most suitable straight flight of stairs for any interior.

Cells Balustrade
Creativity and innovation: a wonderful combination. Both aspects go hand in hand with Cells by EeStairs®. It is a balustrade system in which organic shapes are the central feature of the staircase and balustrade. A system that not only ensures an artistic and modern appeal, but also an equally stylish one.
The advantages of Cells by EeStairs®:
• Produces an artistic and stylish effect
• Can be customised to meet regulations and your wishes
• Flexible concept produces a unique balustrade
• Suitable for staircases, atriums and stairwells
• Can be installed straight or curved
• Available in any RAL colour.
• The balustrade and the stringer form a single entity
• Cells® is a Registered Design
EeStairs® Cells Design is derived from the previously conceived Leonardo™ design. This design was too open for some customers and required adjustment. Using the design methods previously employed for the Leonardo™ design, a whole series of structures were discovered that are organic. These structures, based on Voronoi diagrams, were used to create EeStairs®Cells Design.
Cells by Eestairs® is very flexible: depending on regulations and customers' taste, large or small cells can be formed. The use of steel means that the balustrade is available in any RAL colour. EeStairs® Cells Design can be installed either straight or curved, as part of a staircase or as a free-standing object. Its design provides a flexible and unique balustrade solution for any building.