Stylish and unique, the EcoSmart Fire Bulb combines the raw element of fire with organic-inspired design, brought to life within a contemporary steel wire frame.

The EcoSmart Fire Bulb is fully portable and illuminates and inspires any indoor or outdoor space. And its curvaceous design complements modern landscaped garden environments with grace and ease.

Fuelled by environmentally friendly bioethanol and containing the EcoSmart Fire AB3 Burner, the EcoSmart Fire Bulb creates a clean dancing flame for 8 hours, with no mess, no fuss.

Constructed of weather resistant polished stainless steel, the EcoSmart Fire Bulb is one of the latest new models in the EcoSmart Fire Outdoor Range.

h 504mm ø 416mm
h 19.9" ø 16.4"

Recommended Accessories
Fire Extinguisher
Protective Outdoor Cover