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Starck gems on a geometric theme

New bathroom furniture items from the cylinder to the light square

The base vanity unit which Philippe Starck designed for his Starck 1 bathroom range back in 1994 is one of the best-known items of bathroom furniture. The unit with its distinctive conical form is to be found in prestigious surroundings all over the world, such as the world's highest building, the Burj Chalifa. Philippe Starck has now introduced geometric variations to this conical form for Duravit. The "barrel", as it is affectionately known, is now also available as a cylinder and a cuboid. At the same time, the designer has created new rectangular low cabinets which also take up the geometric variations by way of a variety of console washbasins ranging from circular to tri-oval, along with corresponding new mirrors and mirror cabinets.

Cylinder and cuboid as a hovering monobloc

In designing the furniture items in the form of a cylinder and cuboid, Starck has retained the wing-door principle of the conical original: The interiors of the elements open up completely, offering additional storage space. The geometric forms are incorporated on the insides of both the left- and the right-hand doors as trays. This provides practical access while also presenting an attractive spectacle when the element is open. In a closed state, the elements boast a continuous, seamless aluminium strip which can be slid to the left or right to open up the doors. The dividing line itself remains concealed, and the transition between ceramic unit and furniture item also blends seamlessly into a single entity. The monobloc character of the wall—mounted furniture items is immaculately preserved, with shadow gaps further emphasizing their "hovering" character.

Low cabinets along rectangular lines

The new rectangular low cabinets come in various sizes. Starck has extended the range of geometric effects here with new ceramic console basins in circular, square and tri-oval form. A characteristic feature of these Starck furniture items is the spacious drawers which open conveniently in response to a tap of the knee. The 6 cm wide aluminium strips which adorn the sides of the drawers also feature on the corresponding tall cabinet. To match this edging, the interiors of the furniture items are painted in aluminium, creating a particularly attractive contrast to black or white paintwork or the new oak finish.

Mirror cabinet with swivelling axis and light square

Philippe Starck's new geometric approach also redefines the mirrors and mirror cabinets. All variants feature a "light square" which provides for a very soft light diffused through a special film. The additional, subtle ambient light is projected onto the wall from the top and the side. The light square is always located on the fixed right-hand part of the mirror cabinet, to which the left-hand part is connected via a swivelling axis. Aluminium-coloured wooden boxes are fitted to the rear side of the swivelling part. These boxes swing out to the front when required, ensuring that all the bathroom items required on a daily basis are immediately accessible. A new interpretation of the mirror cabinet – simple, but effective!