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Product description

DuraStyle bathtubs present a wide variety of cutting-edge solutions, from the puristic with acrylic panels to the elegantly comfortable with furniture panels through to the built-in version with tiles. The hallmark of the bathtub is the characteristic upstand on the back of the tub rim: this creates an uncluttered look, since shampoos and the like simply disappear behind it, and it also serves as a support that makes it easy to climb in and out of the bathtub. DuraStyle offers many comfortable options, with corner, back-to-wall and alcove versions.

Product features:
• Design by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez
• Built-in version for bathtub panels made from 5 mm sanitary acrylic and solid-coloured
• Compatible fitments for bathtub: LED coloured light with remote control, support frame, bathtub anchors, wall profile, Quadroval cable driven outlet and overflow (chrome), Quadroval cable-driven outlet and overflow with bathtub inflow, optionally with base inlet (chrome), Styrofoam support, noise insulation set, matching bathtub panel
• Capacity 110 litres

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Private bathrooms are all about individuality. No two room layouts are the same and everyone uses the bathroom in his or her own unique way. In order to best meet the plethora of different wishes and requirements, bathroom furnishings must be versatile with something to suit every ambience and taste and able to adapt to the available space.

Working with Matteo Thun & Partners, Duravit met this challenge head on and came up with DuraStyle, a compact, smart, complete bathroom programme that is compelling on the strength of its visual lightness and simplicity of form.

The narrow, elegant rim around the washbasin and the tapered outer edge that neatly slopes inward are characteristic of DuraStyle. The washbasin and toilet thus appear slender and understated, almost weightless.

The washbasin variants range from handrinse basins to furniture washbasins and the rectangular basic form offers generous shelf space and a comfortable basin depth. In combination with the extra-flat seat, optionally available with SoftClose, both wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets exude simplicity and elegance. The innovative, rimless wall-mounted toilet ensures short cleaning times and optimum hygiene. As comfort is the primary concern in private bathrooms, the programme also includes wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets with the SensoWash® shower-toilet seat.

Bathroom furniture and furniture accessories shape the overall mood: the mix of open and closed surfaces gives the vanity units and console substructures, shelves and cabinets a light and airy look. Surprising new variants skilfully combine storage and shelf space. These include, for example, the asymmetrical vanity unit with an open shelf at the side, as well as washbasin surrounds that are available either with or without a drawer. Elegant furniture accessories serve as towel holders, whilst simple mirrors with modern and efficient LED technology and a luminosity of up to 300 lux provide optimum illumination of the washing area.

The classic tall cabinet has also been reinterpreted and its vertical 2/3 distribution – closed cabinet, open shelves – echoes the design of the vanity units. The mix of light and dark finishes creates additional interest. The combination of white matt or basalt matt with real oak or walnut offers fine contrasts that blend harmoniously. The focus is on feeling good in an atmospheric, harmonious environment.

The feeling of wellbeing is further enhanced by a total of eight bathtubs available as both one and two-seater models, either with or without whirlpool systems. When combined with the furniture panelling in all four surface finishes, the bathtubs complement the bathroom furnishings to perfection. The characteristic feature of the bathtub is an upward lip on the rear rim that keeps things looking tidy since bathroom products, such as shampoo, can be stored behind it. It also offers support when getting in and out of the bath.

Despite its distinctive look, DuraStyle predominantly showcases understated design that is entirely in keeping with Matteo Thun’s commitment to sustainability – a constant theme throughout his projects. Only a few individual pieces stand out, thus highlighting the personality of the users.