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Paiova 5 - Whirlpool
Paiova 5
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Bathe in new dimensions with Paiova 5 – on your own or à deux It's usually a bath's design that determines whether one bathes in a sitting position or while reclining and relaxing. Yet the needs of our bodies are dynamic, and they can vary in accordance with psychological and physical well-being. Duravit’s Paiova 5 bathtub by EOOS surmounts structural restrictions with a concept that focuses solely on individual comfort. With two different backrest slopes, Paiova 5 offers the choice between an ergonomic sitting position and an especially flat reclining position – for bathing with someone else or relaxing alone.
The design of Paiova 5 is the result of a symbiosis between a corner bathtub and a freestanding bathtub. EOOS developed the new geometric form by taking a wall-hugging version and rotating it out into the room. The result of this ingenious transformation is a sculpture that succeeds in transferring the ergonomics of the bath's interior to a pentagonal exterior. The inclined surfaces of the bath's frontal contours compose a three-dimensional volume that opens up towards the room and the user.
Paiova 5's meticulous details ensure extraordinary comfort. As a result, both of the backrests can be equipped with a whirl system. The bath is particularly luxurious with the new Combi-L whirl system. The pleasantly flat jets swivel their massaging water streams up and down the muscles along the back. At 580 mm in height, the side of the bath is slightly lower than the usual 600 mm.
The narrow bathtub rim offers convenient support. A wide rim along the wall provides a practical shelf surface.
Each version of Paiova 5 is available in two sizes – made entirely of acrylic: a sculpture extending into the room, and as a built-in version for customised installation. The collection includes both a single bathtub and a spacious duo model with room for two. Thanks to the different lengths of each side, both the tall and short can support themselves easily with their feet against the end of the bath, ensuring that each position is ideal for relaxation.