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Shower-toilet seat as design object

Philippe Starck and Duravit for a new level of comfort in the bathroom

From the heated seat to the cleansing wash – modern toilets offer a completely new standard of hygiene and comfort for the smallest room in the house. The culture of the “shower toilet” has been standard in the Asian world for many years and more and more Europeans are now discovering its benefits during their travels and want to continue to enjoy this naturally cleansing comfort when they return home. Bathroom manufacturer Duravit and top designer Philippe Starck have now taken up this idea and have collaborated on the “SensoWash Starck” shower-toilet seat that premieres outstanding design and showering comfort in equal measure – a symbiosis with which Duravit wishes to set new standards for the toilet in Asia, Europe and America.

Sophisticated symbiosis of toilet and bidet

Externally, Philippe Starck’s design is all about maximum discretion. The shower-toilet seat boasts an unusually flat and slimline design that curves gently up into the wall and that finishes in an elegant silver-coloured panel. To ensure the continuous flow of the clear lines, the technical components have been miniaturised so the entire technology fits between the ceramic body and the seat. It’s only when the toilet is open that the bidet feature is revealed: a stainless steel spray arm. There are three different types of shower to choose from: the Rearwash leaves you feeling clean and fresh. The Comfortwash offers a more attentive wash that cleanses both with the forward and backward movement of the spray arm or also with a pulsating water jet. The water jet of the Ladywash is specially tailored to female needs, offering particularly gentle cleansing. Water temperature, water volume and nozzle position can all be individually adjusted and, once saved, are easy to select again. Feeling clean and fresh, the next stage is the warm, drying air. The spray arm and nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after each use. As a preventative measure, both the stainless-steel spray arm and the toilet seat have an antimicrobial coating. The entire unit can be easily removed for cleaning. Whether Comfortwash or hot air dryer, Philippe Starck attached particular importance to the design of the wireless, intuitive remote control, which can be used to operate all functions.

The remote control as a design element

A silver-coloured, elegant cuboid no bigger than your hand, the remote control becomes a design element in everyday use. Thanks to a membrane keypad, the keys are extremely flat and pleasant to the touch. The three-dimensional alignment of the remote control enables a logical layout of the function keys that, with their clear symbols, are operated intuitively – when selected, the symbols are briefly illuminated. The remote control can be used to open the toilet lid: lift lid, lift seat and lid, close lid – the electrically-operated unit opens and closes automatically at the push of a button. The seat itself is heated and the temperature can be individually controlled; a sensor makes sure that it doesn’t get too hot. When the user has taken a seat, the desired wash function or dryer is selected by remote control. The arrow keys are used to change the position of the spray arm. Water pressure and dryer, seat and water temperature can be individually adjusted using the +/- keys. There's also an even simpler option: personal preferences can be stored in two profiles, which are then simply selected the next time. There is also a central stop key to interrupt all functions. When the remote control is no longer needed, it can be returned to the cradle with magnetic holder and automatic lock where it is stored neatly until the next use. The cradle also comes with brief operating instructions in several languages; this is particularly useful when used in hotels.

All-round safety

During development, Duravit paid particular attention to safety: a special LED night-light function, for example, provides orientation and safety when it’s dark without interrupting the body’s repose. In addition, the shower-toilet seat has a child safety feature preventing unwanted splashing: a sensor integrated in the seat only allows the function to be used when it recognises a “real” user. Temperature sensors protect against temperatures getting too high. The SensoWash electronics also include a standby mode and a power-saving mode.

New level of cleanliness sets standards world-wide

Nothing is as thorough, as hygienic, as natural and as refreshing as cleaning with water – the visitor leaves the “smallest room” feeling satisfied and completely clean and fresh. It just remains to be seen when this standard will also become established in Europe and America. Franz Kook, Management Board Chairman of Duravit, is in no doubt: “People all over the world have a need for hygienic cleanliness. When combined with a sustainable and outstanding design, this becomes even more attractive. This is why I am convinced that this standard will find more and more enthusiastic supporters all over the world”, reports the chairman of the company headquartered in Hornberg in the Black Forest. The bathroom manufacturer is developing the shower-toilet seats at a rapid pace and is currently extending the range to include two additional series: SensoWash is now entering into a new design symbiosis with Starck 2 and Darling new. All together, Duravit is starting 2011 with 17 different shower-toilets – for a new feeling of design, comfort and cleanliness all over the world.

SensoWash Starck:

Technical data:
Rated voltage: 120-120 V ~
220-240 V ~ (depending on country)
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Water pressure: 0.07-0.75 MPa
Protection class: IPX4 (Protection against

Temperature ranges:
Operating ambient temperature: 10-40°C
Hot-water shower: 36-40°C
Seat temperature: 33-37°C
Hot-air dryer temperature: 40-55°C

Maximum power consumption: 1650 W
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