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The OpenSpace B shower enclosure provides comfort and saves space – at an advantageous price With OpenSpace, the EOOS design group has created an innovative shower enclosure that is simply folded back against the wall after use – providing extra space and freedom of movement in the bathroom. It's an ingenious solution for any bathroom, and with OpenSpace B it has been expanded to include additional formats based on the successful basic concept.
With the new variant, four different dimensions ranging from 90 cm x 80 cm to 100 cm x 100 cm open up a wide range of possibilities in layout planning. Whether square or rectangular, OpenSpace B can be combined with a shower tray or placed directly on the tiled floor. No measuring service is necessary.
It still boasts the same distinctive look: on one side, the optional mirrored door conceals the tap fittings and shower attachments, establishing a relaxed setting while making the room appear larger. The second shower door is made of clear glass. A lifting and lowering mechanism incorporated into the door profile ensures that both doors stop automatically in the shower position and rest directly on the shower tray or floor.
OpenSpace B is available at an extremely attractive price thanks to the simpler design of the wall profiles. Positioned on both sides with slim chrome-look frames and glossy white inserts, these profiles define the contour and ensure stability. At the same time, they can compensate for wall unevenness of up to 20 mm.

As a result of the fact that the elements are prefabricated to a high degree, installation times are reduced considerably – even for uneven walls, such as in older buildings.
In combination with the Stonetto and P3 Comforts floor-flush shower trays and shower accessories, the systematic concept pursued by Duravit in the development of the new OpenSpace B becomes clear. With Stonetto, the outlet blends seamlessly into the shower area, while with P3 Comforts the doors perfectly conceal the shower outlet when they are closed. As a result, a uniform surface is all that can be seen. The DuraPlan and Starck Slimline shower trays are the perfect complement. With the addition of the shower accessories – handle, shelf and seat - the shower area is transformed into a unit that has been carefully thought out down to the last detail, and delivering maximum comfort. In addition to its most obvious function, the handle with its soft shower basket also serves as a door stopper with cushioning effect.

Perfectly coordinated accessories complement the shower area

A professionally-planned shower area accounts for individual requirements for comfort and safety. Well thought-out accessories such as the handle, shelf and seat provide additional practical features for the shower area.

The minimalist shower accessories designed by EOOS also offer aesthetic appeal: holders in a glossy, chrome finish and shower baskets/seats in anthracite-coloured polyurethane come together to create a harmonious whole.
The compact, rectangular handle is supplemented with a soft shower basket for care products. Attached by means of a concealed magnet, the shower basket can be removed for easy cleaning.

The elegant shower seat can support up to 150 kg. When not in use, its cubic surface rests against the wall, ready to be folded down when needed. Made from a soft, anti-slip material it ensures a comfortable and safe feeling when in use.

In combination with the Duravit shower enclosures OpenSpace and the lower-priced OpenSpace B version, the systematic concept pursued by EOOS becomes clear: individual items have been designed in such a way that they can be completely concealed by the closed doors. At the same time, the soft shower baskets also serve as door stoppers with a cushioning effect, determining the distance between the wall and the glass doors and preventing collision with the fittings to be found behind them.