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Inipi. Sauna in the bathroom. Duravit and EOOS are bringing the sauna to new areas of the home with the new Inipi sauna. Thanks to a sophisticated utilization of space, the cabin is so compact that it will fit into the bathroom or living area while still offering plenty of space inside for sitting and even lying down. The floor, wall and ceiling are made of untreated wood, and the spacious feeling of the sauna is enhanced by the glazed front, which gives Inipi both a unique transparency and an exceptionally elegant look. The heater and stones are integrated into the sauna module but remain concealed behind a panel. The minimalist design of Inipi conveys a sense of relaxation and clarity. As a refreshing option, the sauna can be combined with the Inipi Ama shower module.

The Inipi story. The notion that perspiration is a healthy means of cleansing developed in Asia over 5,000 years ago. From there it made its way to Europe and the New World, where Native Americans developed Inipi, a “sweat lodge” meant for ceremonial cleansing and physical well-being. The lodge, which would be covered with hides and blankets, represented the universe, while the fire source, assembled six steps away, symbolized the sun. A “keeper of the fire” carried warm stones sprinkled with herbs into the lodge to heat up the interior to the desired perspiration-inducing temperature. Before Inipi users entered the lodge, they divested themselves not only of their clothing but also of their sacrificial offerings. The four ritual “sweating sessions” were dedicated to gratitude, asking, giving and recognition.

A remote control unit that looks and feels like a stone – an ode to the traditional Inipi – is available and the sauna’s functions can also be controlled using a display fitted behind a flap on the outside of the unit. LEDs on the back of the cabin produce colored light with programmable sequences and intervals to enhance the user’s feeling of relaxation. Concealed speakers with AUX outlet and radio can also be programmed by remote control. The Asia, Desert, Indian, Jungle and Mediterranea scenarios include pre-programmed temperature, humidity, music and colored lights to set the appropriate mood.