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Inipi B
Inipi B
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Inipi B – enjoy a sauna in the smallest
amount of space

Duravit adds two compact variants to its sauna range

With Inipi the bathroom manufacturer Duravit presented a modern designer sauna that has taken the classical sweat bath out of the cellar and established it in the bathroom and living area. In collaboration with the Austrian designer trio EOOS, Duravit is continuing this trend for smaller bathrooms and premiering the new Inipi B Super Compact sauna, which has a footprint of about 120 x 120 cm and offers a comfortable amount of space for one person whilst also meeting the highest design requirements. It fits into almost any corner and, even in small city apartments, offers sufficient space for a relaxing wellness experience. Furthermore, Inipi B is just as easy to assemble as it is to disassemble, which means it is also suitable for installation in rented accommodation. Another advantage is that the compact equipment of the new Duravit saunas is available at comparatively good value for money.

In addition to the small Inipi B model, Duravit has also developed a larger variant (approx. 240 x 120 cm). So Inipi B is not only a wish come true for “singles” but also can accommodate two people wanting to enjoy a sauna lying down.

In developing the new Inipi B, Duravit pursued its aim of creating a sauna with the highest designer credentials for a comparatively low budget. This was partly made possible by reducing the technology to the essentials. The new sauna boasts the comfort the user has come to expect from Duravit, as well as a key design element of the original Inipi, namely the stone motif, which EOOS retained when designing the digital control panel. This symbolic object originated from the North American Indians. For ceremonial cleansing, they heated a stone in the fire and then carried it into the sweat lodge, the so-called inipi.
The control panel is integrated laterally at the front of the sauna. It is used to individually adjust the temperature, the heater timer and a digital hourglass. During the rest phases, an ECO function saves heating energy. The temperature set inside the sauna is reduced by up to 20 degrees during the selected rest period. Before the next sauna session, the heater automatically heats the sauna to the desired temperature. This reduces energy costs and conserves resources.

A button inside the sauna can be used to control the function that pours water over the sauna stones. The water container is easily accessible behind a wooden panel in the outer side wall, where it is completely hidden from view.

The cabin itself boasts the distinct and reduced design that is typical of Duravit. It is built upon a wooden frame that is glazed at the front. The entire technology is concealed. The heater with the sauna stones is positioned behind a wooden panel. In the Inipi B Super Compact, an adjustable backrest on the rear wall can be used to select the most comfortable position. In addition, the sitting area is large enough for the user to change positions during the sauna session, thus ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic sitting posture, even over longer periods. Horizontal wooden louvers illuminated with LED lights create a visual parallel to the seating elements.

Arranged on two levels, the benches in the small Inipi B Super Compact invite the user to take a seat and, in the large variant, also offer sufficient space to lie down. The upper benches are continuous and, on the lower level, an additional element can be used to create a second, continuous lying area. A headrest ensures optimum comfort while reclining. All sitting and lying elements inside the cabin are made of light aspen wood.

The external wooden frame of the Inipi B is available in either a white high-gloss décor or dark American walnut and creates a harmonious link with the bathroom and living area. Both sauna variants come as both a corner and a back-to-wall version. The larger Inipi B can also be installed free-standing in the centre of the room. An experienced fitter will take about two hours to install the sauna.