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Darling New - Pedestal
Darling New
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Fresh symphonies of colour in the bathroom

The new Darling range – Plenty of design for little money

The Darling bathroom range, created by Duravit in collaboration with designer Dieter Sieger, was unveiled in 1994. By virtue of its high-calibre design in combination with an affordable price, it quickly became "everybody's darling" – a status it retains a generation later. Duravit has now returned its attention to the range together with Dieter Sieger's sons, Michael and Christian Sieger, developing it into a complete programme. From the washbasin through the shower-toilet seat to the whirl tub, the new programme upholds the essential idea of "plenty of design for little money".

The new visual leitmotif of "Darling New" is the exquisite rim, which features on the ceramic items, furniture and bathtubs alike. The harmonious circular form which was a distinguishing characteristic of the first Darling range has also been retained.

But what would Darling be without fresh, young colours?! While body and counter tops are finished in discreet matt white or "terra", the fronts present a colourful face to the world: Fresh, spring-like green or azure blue? It's a difficult choice to make. Those who go for a more sedate finish will find what they are looking for in the vivid texture of "pine silver" or "pine terra". For those who prefer their furniture in a single colour, the front is also available in white or terra to match the body.