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Combi System L - Whirlpool
Combi System L
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Thanks to swivel whirl jets, Combi-System L provides an even more intense massage experience Tension in the back or other muscles – everyone's familiar with the problem. Warmth and pressure can help release this tension, because the targeted stimulation of specific areas of the body helps to induce lasting relaxation while stimulating the circulation. With this new edition of the Combi L whirl system, Duravit has created an even more intense massage experience in the whirl tub – one that is both stimulating and relaxing.
The new Combi-system L boasts appealingly flat, elegant jets that blend discreetly into any tub design. This is particularly important for stylish designer bathtubs such as the Paiova 5. In addition, the redesigned control panel is simple and convenient to use.
Sheer intensity is provided by four innovative swivel jets. Thanks to their constant up-and-down movements they are able to reach almost the entire back area. Six water-air jets in the sides of the tub create a beneficial massage effect, while two foot jets stimulate the reflexology zones. At the same time, twelve Durapearl flatline jets in the base of the bath provide a mixture of water and air that surrounds the body in gentle bubbles. Fine jets of water and the proven air effect with pre-heated air are additional options. The individual jet areas can be turned on or off at the push of a button with individual zone control.
When it comes to a comfortable bathing atmosphere, tranquillity is paramount. That's why the new pump generation is three decibels quieter than before – a 20 percent reduction in the noise level. At the same time, the pump has been rendered more efficient and sustainable: an 800 watt pump is now being used in place of the old 1250 watt pump.