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Blue Moon - Bathtub square
Blue Moon Tubs
Jochen Schmiddem >
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700143 / 790852
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Bathroom fixtures-Bathtubs >
Bathroom fixtures-Bathtubs >

Product description

Bathtub Square, Built-in, with support frame, with overflow, acrylic inlay
1400 x 1400 mm x 580 mm
5 mm sanitary acrylic
White Alpin - 00

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Blue Moon. Bathing not in a tub but in a pool. The more water, the more space, the more depth the better. With its square corpus and round tub the Blue Moon whirlpool looks like a pool; and with its water depth of 530 mm it feels like one, too – despite occupying an area of just 140 x 140 cm. Immerse yourself in water with mood-setting coloured lights; the body is completely surrounded by water with only the back touching the tub, giving a pleasant feeling of weight less ness. Bathing in a pool? Letting yourself go? Floating? Pure relaxation? It’s not easy to describe the feeling. Suffice to say that Blue Moon is a unique bathing experience.
Blue Moon is highly versatile and can be installed either free-standing, in a corner or against a wall. As to style, the bath is based on the modular system.