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Dornbracht premiere: eUnit Kitchen – the first electronic product solution for more convenience in the kitchen
On the basis of a product study conducted in 2011, Dornbracht will this year present the first electronic product solution for the kitchen: eUnit Kitchen. This new concept is the next step by Dornbracht towards technological-innovation leadership in the kitchen area.
To analyse work processes in the kitchen, Dornbracht conducted a detailed study of the kitchen-task areas. The product study examined the added value electronically controlled fittings provide in kitchen applications, identifying ways in which these fittings can assist with standardised workflows. The results of the analysis were used internally for product development.
The result of these efforts can now be seen in the exclusive, electronic product solution: eUnit Kitchen. eUnit Kitchen provides optimised technology and assistance with manual tasks: dispensing water, regulating water flow and temperature and plug operation.
The different functions are combined and can be called up using a single control unit. An intuitive, simple application logic simplifies work processes, leaving more time for creativity in preparing and presenting the food and interacting with guests.
The newly developed foot sensor is a particular highlight in creating added convenience value for kitchen work processes. The sensor can be used to turn water on and off, for hands-free operation that replaces the 'missing' third hand. Whenever hands are not clean or full, the sensor is at the ready with a hygienic and handy answer to water needs. The foot sensor has been transposed from professional kitchens for home use, providing an increasing level of professionalisation.
The eUnit also dispenses water in measured amounts for just the right volume of water required. It measures the exact amount of water a recipe calls for – from small amounts for baking to the large volumes needed in tasks such as water for noodles.
The minimalist aesthetics of the controls fit in perfectly with the unobtrusive design of modern kitchens and blends in perfectly to create a sink-integrated variation in a sink-and-fitting unit. The controls are flush with the countertop, leaving it uncluttered for food preparation and the placement of kitchen objects. The decent aura of light that glows when the controls are operated announces activity and lends the eUnit a gentle, atmospheric touch.
During development, particular attention was given to a simple, space-saving installation: thanks to its compact construction, the eUnit Kitchen can be situated in 'plug-'n'-play' fashion beneath the sink without taking up too much space.
The eUnit electronic control concept will be available for delivery from mid-2013.